WP User

  • WP User plugin helps you to create front end login and registration form.
  • User logins or registrations and would like to avoid the normal wordpress login pages, this plugin adds the capability of placing a login, Registration, forgot password with smooth effects in AJAX.



  • Login : Login with Username or Email Id
  • Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Profile : View/Edit Profile
  • security
    • Limit Login Attempts
    • Mechanism for slow down brute force attack
    • Notify on lockout (Email to admin after cross limit the number of login attempts)
    • Password Regular Expression (Form Validation & Security )
    • Google reCAPTCHA
    • Approve/Deny User
    • Auto / Email Approval user
    • View Login Log
    • Restrict an entire post or page
    • Restrict section of content within a post/page
    • Logged in or selected role users only access content
  • Email Notification
    • New Registration
    • Email to admin after cross limit the number of login attempts
    • Custom email subject, content
  • Front-end profile
    • View/Edit user information user front end dashboard
    • User Avatar : for users to upload images or enter url to their profile
    • Change the Default Gravatar
    • Send mail to admin via Contact Us form
    • Get Notification new comment on user post, woocommerce order status changed to refund/complete, new follow
    • Whenever a user publish posts, all the followers will receive a notification
  • Member Directory
    • Member Pagination,Search.
    • View Member Profile.
    • Send Mail to Member
  • Auto Generate page for Login,Register
  • Enable / Disable Admin Bar
  • Templates : 4 login,register front end templates
  • Customizable CSS
  • Admin : Export Users CSV
  • AJAX based verification for username and email accounts
  • Add smooth ajax login/registration effects
  • Login redirection
  • Login/registration/forgot password popup model : You can create one popup that contains all 3 with a great interface for switching between them
  • Light weight plugin
  • login,register , forgot password form using shortcode, widget, popup
  • Responsive
  • MultiSite
  • Multi language










  • Ultimate Registration form
  • Custom form fields
  • Create required fields
  • Social Login/Register i.e Facebook,Google,Twitter
  • Add / Edit / Delete / Duplicate Multiple Address
  • Get user current location(address) using Geolocation
  • Set defualt WooCommerce billing/shipping address from address list
  • Select WooCommerce billing/shipping address from address book on checkout page
  • Subscription newslatter on new user Registration with MailChimp, Aweber and Campaign Monitor
  • Show the percentage of user profile completion
  • On click Improve button it will show highlighted fields for improve profile strength.
  • Set custom weight for field
  • Profile progress on member profile
  • Customize skin color,buttons, link, box, form background etc.
  • WoCommerce integration
  • Support Multiple address and set billing and shipping address
  • Badges and Achievements – Automatically or manually assign badges to users based on different criteria’s like
  • Specific user roles
  • Based on activity score i.e Number of posts, comments, followers etc.
  • Admin can manually assign badge
  • Follow / Unfollow Feature lets users follow other users.
  • Whenever a user posts, all the followers will receive a notification regarding the update.
  • Keeps your user community more interactive and engaging.
  • Premium Support
  • New features added regularly!