WP Database Backup

wp-database-backupYour database contains all your important information if the database is erased or corrupted you lose everything.

 Sometimes accident can happen when we least expert it. If you can have made a careless mistake and your database is gone how can you restore your data in your database?


 So Backup your database regularly.

 If you are use WordPress so you can use backup plugins for take database backup.

 WP-Database-Backup :When plugin is installed and active. you can backup your blog database easily in single click. Some time you have create database backup on your server or localhost and if some one hack your site or you have made some mistake then how can you recover your database which include important information. So it is important to save your database safer place like FTP, on your Email or Dropbox.

We have added new feature in WP Database backup which store your database backup on safer places like FTP, Email, Dropbox. Also you get email after successfully database backup created.


WP Database Backup


WP Database Backup plugin helps you to create Database Backup and Restore Database Backup easily on single click.Manual or automated backups

 Author: Prashant Walke

Features included

1)Create Database Backup
WP Database Backup plugin helps you to create Database Backup easily on single click.

Create Backup


Backup automatically on a repeating schedule


3)Download backup file direct from your WordPress dashboard


4)Easy To Install
WP Database Backup is super easy to install.

5)Restore Database Backup
WP Database Backup plugin helps you to Restore Database Backup easily on single click.

6)Email Notification

Get email after successfully database backup created.

7)Store Database Backup on Safer Place

Store your database backup on safer places like FTP, Email, Dropbox

8)Inbuilt Help

9)Great look and Feel

WP Database backup is user friendly.Simple configure setting.


Few of the Key Features

1. Database Backup easily on single click
2. Autobackup
3. Restore Database Backup easily on single click

4.Email Notification

5.Store Database Backup on Safer Place


1. Download the plugin file, unzip and place it in your wp-content/plugins/ folder. You can alternatively upload it via the WordPress plugin backend.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. WP Database Backup menu will appear in Dashboard->Tool->WP-DB-Backup. Click on it & get started to use.

Create Backup

1) Click on Create New Database Backup

Create Backup
2) Download Database Backup file.

Restore Backup

Click on Restore Database Backup

1)Login to phpMyAdmin

2)Click Databases and select the database that you will be importing your data into.
3)Across the top of the screen will be a row of tabs. Click the Import tab.
4)On the next screen will be a location of text file box, and next to that a button named Browse.
5)Click Browse. Locate the backup file stored on your computer.
6)Click the Go button

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If you have any suggestion to improve WP-Database-Backup plugin feature then drop mail on walke.prashant28@gmail.com

Support us to improve plugin. your idea and support are always welcome.

Get Pro ‘WP All Backup’ Plugin

WP All Backup will backup and restore your entire site at will, complete with FTP & S3 integration


  • Complete Backup
  • Only Selected file Backup
  • ZipArchive
  • PclZip
  • Scheduled backups
  • Set backup interval
  • Manual backup
  • Multisite compatible
  • Backup entire site
  • Include media files
  • Exclude specific files
  • Downloadable log files
  • Simple one-click restore
  • Set number of backups to store
  • Automatically remove oldest backup
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • FTP and SFTP integration
  • Server info quick view
  • Support
  • New Updates

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  1. Question: Is it possible to restore a single page that goes missing without having to restore the entire theme or database? Would that only be available with your pro version?

  2. Hello, I really like your plugin, although I just updated to v.3.0 and it resulted in my site getting redirected to wp-admin/install.php which made my site become inaccessible. I was able to manually disable WP database backup and roll it back to V2.1.1 which was the newest one other then 3.0 that I could see and it appears to have cleared up the problem. I am running the latest version of WP (4.2.2) and the most recent version of the Travelify theme. It could be conflicting with another plugin, I don’t know. I just wanted to let you know.

      1. Thank you so much for following up on my issue I was having. I’m still not 100% sure but it appears that there was some sort of anomaly going on with my site in general and it seems like it was just a coincidence that it started right after updating your plugin. The plugin has worked flawlessly in the past & I see no reason why it shouldn’t continue to function correctly. I will continue to use it and if I have anymore problems I will let you know.

  3. I’m also getting the warning (from WP debug)
    WARNING: wp-admin/includes/template.php:1225 – Illegal offset type
    do_action(‘admin_init’), call_user_func_array, WPDB_Admin->wp_db_backup_admin_init, add_settings_section

  4. Hey,
    the plugin doesn’t work if the “WordPress address (URL)” set in Settings > General differs from the “Site address (URL)” set in Settings > General.

    To solve this problem you have to change “get_bloginfo(‘url’)” to “get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’)” in plugins/wp-database-backup/includes/admin/class-wpdb-admin.php.
    I did this manually but it would be very nice to fix this problem with the next update.


  5. Thanks for very easy and simple plugin for db backup.
    Is it possible to make automatically zip or tar.gz my database, now it is not zip.

  6. Hi,

    For some reason I cannot get this plugin to work with the installation of one of our customers: first, I kept getting a Page full of errors, ultimately crashing my browser: mysql_real_escape_string(): Access denied [actually correct user]@’localhost’ (Using password: NO)…
    -> Why wasn’t the request using passwords?

    Then on the 10th try, without actually changing anything, there was no page full of errors anymore, just what a different user already described:
    Connected to [my server].
    Logged in as $user
    Uploading package to FTP repository…
    File was uploaded successfully

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/soulkitchen/webseite-2014/wp-content/plugins/wp-database-backup/includes/admin/Destination/FTP/preflight.php:70) in /home/www/soulkitchen/webseite-2014/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1178

    Which looks close enough for me.

    But at any stage, the .sql files only included either just empty values (“”, “”, “”, “” …) or NO INSERTS AT ALL…

    Can you help me find out what is going wrong here?

    And keep in mind that this seems to be a common problem with this plugin…

    Using WP (4.1.1) and the latest version of your plugin (2.2)

    PS: I noticed a double declaration in wp-database-backup/includes/admin/class-wpdb-admin.php on lines 537/538:
    $filename = $details[‘filename’];
    $filename = $details[‘filename’];
    Although there’s no harm done here, I can’t help thinking that it’s unnecessary

  7. Hello Mr. Walke: I have had my share of losses and I definitely do not need anymore. I will use your plugin to see how ti works. If I am satisfied with my backup data I will be more than happy to donate to the updates of this plugin. At present I want to thank you for letting me try it out. I know a lot of work goes into creating these tools and I do appreciate them. Growing With You Always, David Trujillo

  8. hi walka,
    first thank you for great a plugin. i appreciate it!
    but i have a bug:
    i attached my dropbox account to your plugin,
    but it saves me a “backup” that weight 0KB.
    so basically it backups nothing.
    can you help me please?

  9. HI WP Databse Backup Team i use “wp database backup 2.1″ and recognized a problem with next gen galley and next gen gallery voting. When WP Backup ist activated i can’t filter galleries in nag voting and i can not edit galleries in next gen gallery. (i used the most actual version of wordpress and all plugins). When WP Bakup ist deactivated all picture plugin work correctly.

  10. WP Database Backup v2.1 > Disqus Comments System 2.77 – on WordPress 3.9.2

    Thoroughly tested all plugins (deactivated all but Disqus and your plugin), and found that your plugin causes all async functionality in the Disqus plugin (access to the plugin settings, ability to use settings page features like sync comments, export comments, etc.) to break. (See screenshot: http://prntscr.com/4duiqj) Does not break the comment plugin entirely – it still works on the front-end – but breaks the administration settings for the plugin.

    Again, only the database plugin causes this issue. Clean install on a new site provided the problem. Please test and correct. Thanks!

    Love the plugin, by the way. Very simple and effective. Will rate it on the WP repository once this issue is fixed, or ignored:)

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for let us know issue.

    Download latest version(2.1)

    We have solved this issue and also added new features.

    If you face any problem after update new version then let us know.

    Happy to help!

    Our try is make good and perfect database backup plugin.

    1. Hi,

      Is your issue resolved?

      Download latest version(2.1)

      If you face any problem after update new version then let us know.

      Happy to help!

      Our try is make good and perfect database backup plugin.

  12. I just updated to WordPress 3.9.1 and got this message at the top of the dashboard. I deactivated plugins until I identified it as WP Database Backup. I really need to fix this because i have it installed on on my sites.

    Warning: Illegal offset type in /home3/ajeffrey/public_html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135

  13. После обновления плагина, вылазит вот такая ошибка Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/блог/блог.com/www/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135

  14. Hi Prashant,

    I am managing a WordPress website (latest version, 3.9.1) running a Lemon Chili theme and installed WP Database Backup as my backup tool. However, there’s an issue when I activate it, it gives this message >> Warning: Illegal offset type in /cust-web/d/e/D5826318/sites/www.tbreakcafe.com.au/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135

    When I deactivated the plugin, the message disappeared. I tried this several times to be sure.

    Hope you can check what’s the issue on this.



    1. Hi,

      Thanks for let us know issue.

      Download latest version(2.1)

      We have solved this issue and also added new features.

      If you face any problem after update new version then let us know.

      Happy to help!

      Our try is make good and perfect database backup plugin.

  15. although this was awesome and working at one point, then I updated and was unable to do anything with my website in wordpress. I kept getting the error Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/content/96/12233296/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135. I contacted the theme company and they found that it was this problem interfering with the website. I’m going to look for a replacement. Hopefully you can get this fixed. thanks.

  16. The WP Database Backup Plugin is throwing a PHP error on some sites:

    Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/content/xx/xxx/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135

    Deactivated all plugins and reactivated, this is the only one that brings the error about.

  17. I just loaded a clean copy of wordpress 3.9.1. It came up fine. I then loaded your plugin WP Database Backup

    Version 2.0 | By Prashant Walke When I activated it I got the following errors:
    Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/content/75/12767275/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1135

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/75/12767275/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php:1135) in /home/content/75/12767275/html/wp-includes/option.php on line747

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/75/12767275/html/wp-admin/includes/template.php:1135) in /home/content/75/12767275/html/wp-includes/option.php on line74

    THis is not the first site I have seen this error as well. I need to reinstall a clients site via the backup file I that I created with your plugin.
    Pls help

    Thank you


  18. Hi,

    I updated your WP Database Backup plugin this morning and it knocked out my site. I figured out what happened quickly, deactivated the plugin, and the site came back up immediately. Here’s the error message that my site displayed on the top of every page:

    Warning: include_once(includes/admin/class-wpdb-admin.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hsphere/local/home/richardp/2014tmgaconference.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-database-backup/wp-database-backup.php on line 79 Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ‘includes/admin/class-wpdb-admin.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/hsphere/shared/php53/share/pear:/hsphere/shared/apache/libexec/php53ext/php/’) in /hsphere/local/home/richardp/2014tmgaconference.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-database-backup/wp-database-backup.php on line 79

    Do you know what went wrong?


  19. Is there a reason the plugin no longer shows up in the admin navigation panel anymore? I swear it was under tools and now today it’s gone. It’s still doing the scheduled backups in the ftp, but I can’t see it to change any options in the admin ui.

  20. Hi. I have attempted to install wp database backup through the word press plugin –> install section. However, while the plugin appears to install, it is not available from the “tools” menu. What am I doing wrong? I have deleted it and reinstalled, to no avail. I have installed it in other sites without problem. Can y ou help?

  21. Just tested your plugin. Thanks for offering it! It’s much simpler than wp-db-backup. I’d like to suggest you add some compression for the generated SQL file on the server side, like gz.

    1. Hi,

      As of now ,this feature is not available in this edition , we have noted down your point and will try to implement it in near future versions.

      Many thanks for your valuable suggestion .

  22. Hi Prashant, I really like your plugin, however, I’m noticing that every other day list of available backups disappear from the WordPress admin panel even though they still exist on the FTP site in the default location. Also noticing that clicking on the link cannot find the file. Also the scheduler gets turned off. Any thoughts?

    WordPress 3.8.3
    WP Database Backup 1.0


    1. Hi,

      This is generally caused by an access denied problem.
      You don’t have permission to write in the wp-content/uploads.
      Please check if you have the read write permission on the folder.

      Alternatively, you can find database backup file iv wp-content/uploads/db-backup this folder

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