Cross-browser compatible

Cross-browser compatible Compatible with all major browsers available

During the creation of a website — especially if your aim to make its structure responsive — one of the most important and frequent problems that a web designer has to face involves cross-browser compatibility, that is, compatibility across different browsers.

Web developers must test and adapt their sites to work with multiple browsers. For example, if a certain page looks fine in Firefox, but does not show up correctly in Internet Explorer, the developer may change the formatting so that it works with Internet Explorer

The goal with cross-browser compatibility is to make your site viewable in the major browsers available and have the pages render correctly.when a website is developed for multiple browsers, it is called a cross-browser website.

Create a cross-browser compatible website:

  1. Use only standard compliant coding.
  2. Don’t use browser specific (proprietory) HTML tags and features.
    • These only work in the browser they were created for and may even break your web page when viewed in another browser.
  3. Validate your web pages.
    • Validate your HTML/XHTML coding using the W3C free validation service
    • Validate your cascading style sheets using the W3C free validation service

The largest problem is that media queries do not work with older browsers. Consequently, a responsive web page with many CSS3 rules applied can be seen correctly only by those who have recently-updated browsers with strong CSS3 support. Fortunately, there are some  JavaScript solutions that can help us serve responsive websites to older browsers lacking CSS3 support: Respond.js, Modernizr, andadaptive.960.js


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